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  • June 23, 2022 // attosecond spectroscopy 2.0, field-resolved infrared spectroscopy
    Otto Hahn Medal at first hand

    Solemn ceremony in Berlin: In a festive ceremony, the Max Planck Society once again awarded the Otto Hahn Medal to young scientists for their outstanding scientific achievements in connection with their dissertations. Nathalie Nagl received …

  • congratulations to Keyhan Golyari!
    Keyhan Golyari has defended his doctoral thesis titled: „Linear Petahertz Photo-Conductive Switching“. We … More
  • honoured with the Otto Hahn Medal

    Nathalie Nagl is honoured with the Otto Hahn Medal of the Max Planck Society for the year 2021. The Otto Hahn …

  • welcome Marco!

    The attosecond metrology team at MPQ welcomes Marco Dassie. He is from Conegliano, Italy, studied Physics in …

  • congratulations to Dr. Dmitry Zimin
    Dmitry Zimin has defended his doctoral thesis titled: „Petahertz optoelectronics via attosecond control of … More
  • congratulations to Dr. Julia Gessner
    Julia Gessner has defended her doctoral thesis titled: "Strong-field driven charge and spin dynamics in … More
  • congratulations to Dr. Enrico Ridente
    Enrico Ridente has defended his doctoral thesis titled: "Few-cycle optical waveforms for transient molecular … More
  • science on soapboxes

    What distinguishes laser light from conventional light sources and how do we generate it? What is the power …

  • poster award for Najd Altwaijry

    At this year's Max Planck School of Photonics Spring School Conference, Najd Altwaijry won a poster award. Her …

  • new in the AM2.0 team
    Johannes Schötz has joined the leadership within the Attosecond Metrology 2.0 (AM2.0) group in the … More
  • a new guest from Ohio

    The attosecond metrology group welcomes a new group member. Adithya Sriram (22) will strenghten the team for …

  • watching photoelectrons

    Towards the advancement of attosecond metrology, Keyhan Golyari prepares the AS2000 beamline for the next …


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