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  • February 21, 2024 // attosecond spectroscopy 2.0
    advancing Thin-Disk technology towards ultra-stable SWIR light sources

    Since 2004, pioneering efforts within Ferenc Krausz's team have advanced the development of innovative light sources based on Yb:YAG Thin-Disk technology. Following numerous breakthroughs, including the creation of Kerr-Lens modelocked …

  • molecular spectroscopy zooms in on blood plasma protein modifications

    Infrared spectroscopy of blood plasma has the potential to become an experimentally simple and inexpensive way …

  • infrasampler 1.5 heading for Szeged

    After an intensive construction period of 6 months, the team from the attoworld research group FRIS …

  • field-stable waveforms covering the entire molecular fingerprint region

    In recent years, high-power sources of 10-fs-scale near-infrared pulses have opened new avenues for broadband, …

  • HORUS pushes attosecond physics

    HORUS pushes attosecond physics

    Laser physicists from the attoworld team at the Max Planck Institute of …

  • CEP-stable single-cycle pulses on the months cover of Optica

    Laser research from the attoworld team dedicated to field-resolved infrared spectroscopy (https://www.attoworl …

  • the world's fastest electron microscope

    Researchers around our former colleague Prof. Peter Baum from the University Konstanz have succeeded in …

  • snapshots of photoinjection

    Ultrafast laser physicists from the attoworld team at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) and …

  • ultrafast molecular symmetry breaking via geometric relaxation

    Understanding the relaxation pathways of photoexcited molecules is essential to gain atomistic level insight …

  • ambient measurement of NIR waveforms via UV light

    The ability to directly measure the electric field of light enables novel observations of light-matter …

  • an in silico model for configurable molecular fingerprints

    Molecular fingerprinting via vibrational spectroscopy characterizes the chemical composition of molecularly …

  • TechMax focuses on field-resolved infrared spectroscopy

    A mobile version for is under construction.