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  • June 10, 2024 // Field-resolved nano spectroscopy
    how do nanoparticles radiate?

    An innovative method for characterizing the electric field of plasmonic samples, such as gold nanoparticles, has been developed by an international research team from the University of Hamburg, DESY and Stanford University.

    The ultrafast …

  • infrared waveforms with attosecond precision from a dual-oscillator scan

    Electro-optic sampling of infrared electric fields has set sensitivity and dynamic-range records in broadband …

  • harnessing the structure of light to twist quantum materials

    A team of scientists around Dr. Shubhadeep Biswas and Prof. Matthias Kling from the Department of Energy’s …

  • molecular fingerprinting for diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease?

    On Monday, 18th of March, Prof. Thomas Gasser, medical director of the department for Neurology of the …

  • PULSED reaches major milestone

    Recently, the young spin-off company PULSED, which has been initiated by Ferenc Krausz in summer 2022, has …

  • advancing Thin-Disk technology towards ultra-stable SWIR light sources

    Since 2004, pioneering efforts within Ferenc Krausz's team have advanced the development of innovative light …

  • molecular spectroscopy zooms in on blood plasma protein modifications

    Infrared spectroscopy of blood plasma has the potential to become an experimentally simple and inexpensive way …

  • infrasampler 1.5 heading for Szeged

    After an intensive construction period of 6 months, the team from the attoworld research group FRIS …

  • field-stable waveforms covering the entire molecular fingerprint region

    In recent years, high-power sources of 10-fs-scale near-infrared pulses have opened new avenues for broadband, …

  • HORUS pushes attosecond physics

    HORUS pushes attosecond physics

    Laser physicists from the attoworld team at the Max Planck Institute of …

  • CEP-stable single-cycle pulses on the months cover of Optica

    Laser research from the attoworld team dedicated to field-resolved infrared spectroscopy (https://www.attoworl …

  • the world's fastest electron microscope

    Researchers around our former colleague Prof. Peter Baum from the University Konstanz have succeeded in …


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