At the outset of this year, the Data Science research group welcomed two new permanent members to its ranks: Zita Zarándy and Flóra Németh, both now serving as data analysts at CMF. The Attoworld team extends a warm welcome to them!


Flóra’s academic journey led her to the Eötvös Loránd University, where she earned her MSc degree in Chemistry with a specialization in pharmaceutical research. Subsequently, she dived into the realm of theoretical chemistry, exploring reaction mechanisms and acquiring proficiency in handling extensive datasets. The allure of data analysis and visualization eventually seized her interest, prompting a transition to a role as a data engineer at Accenture. Now, she joins CMF with a fervent hope to contribute meaningfully to humanity through her work.


Zita’s educational background is rooted in Molecular Bionics Engineering, a fusion of natural sciences and computer science, culminating in a bachelor's degree. Her thesis focused on medical data science, specifically the classification of EMG signals for hand prosthetics. Progressing to master's studies in computer science, she specialized in machine learning and data science. Concurrently, she made contributions as a data scientist at Lidl Hungary, actively participating in the development of data products, notably in the domain of time series forecasting. Today, Zita brings her wealth of experience to CMF as a dedicated data analyst.