Anyone interested in the topic of Artificial Intelligence in medical research should listen to this week's talk by Dr. Kosmas Kepesidis. As part of the MPQ Colloquium, the data specialist in the attoworld team will speak on Tuesday at 2:30 pm at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics on the topic: Artificial Intelligence for Probing Human Health:
Based on clinical studies and infrared measurements of human blood, the team around Kosmas Kepesidis has built predictive models using machine-learning methods that lead to the production of artificial disease markers. Further analysis on follow-up studies, reveals that such markers possess both diagnostic and prognostic power and could be used in medical diagnostics and screening. This could be the first step towards the development of an infrared-based health-monitoring system.
The colloquium will be a double-feature. Dr. Dominik Wild will pursue the question, how difficult it is to emulate a quantum simulator? In his talk, he will give an overview of the complexity of classically computing certain (but not all) outputs of a quantum simulator. He will describe an algorithm that efficiently computes the dynamics of local observables for short times. The algorithm is based on a cluster expansion and can be adapted to compute nonlocal quantities such as the Loschmidt echo. He will conclude with a speculative outlook on the role of noise.

MPQ Colloquium Double feature
Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Herbert Walther Hörsaal
May 23, 2023, 02:30 PM