Vladimir Pervak will give his next keynote lecture at the SPIE conference "Laser- Induced Damage in Optical Materials 2021". On 13 October (12.30 pm-1.15 pm EDT) he will speak on the topic: "Limitation of dispersive optics for ultrafast physics". Here you find the abstract: Optical thin films multilayer coating has been driving the advancement of ultrashort laser technology towards ever shorter pulses and broader bandwidth. Deposition and sputtering of dozens of thin film layers with sub-nanometer accuracy. It permits controlling of the spectral phase and amplitude of optical radiation over an optical octave and beyond. Vladimir Pervak will give an overview on non-linear effects in multilayer ultrafast coating shortly before damage threshold appear as well as damages. He will describe ways how to use or post-pone these effects and damages to higher fluences. Internet: https://spie.org/laser-damage/presentation/Limitation-of-dispersive-optics-for-ultrafast-physics