The attoworld team is pleased to announce that Prof. Ferenc Krausz will have the honor of speaking at this year's Nobel Symposium on Attosecond Physics and Technology. This international conference at the highest scientific level is scheduled to take place in Båstad, Sweden, August 20-24, 2023. Ferenc Krausz will give his talk, "Attosecond science: (some) future directions," as the grand finale of the convention in the afternoon session on Wednesday, August 23, from 4:25 to 4:55 p.m. in the conference hall of the Skansen Hotel. In it, he is to describe the basic research and history of attosecond science, much of which is based on his and his team's results, and give a fascinating outlook on the concrete applications, especially in the field of early detection of diseases.

Since their inception in 1965, the Nobel Symposia have been proposed by the Swedish academic community and funded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences after approval by Programme Committee of the Nobel Foundation.

The conference program and further information you can find here:

NS172 | Division of Atomic Physics (