Yannick Münzenmaier has successfully completed his Master thesis entitled “Ultra Rapid Mechanical Scanning for High-Sensitivity Field-Resolved Spectroscopy”. The thesis deals with a method for ultrafast mechanical acquisition of time-varying optical signals by means of a so-called "sonotrode". The sonotrode amplifies the amplitude of a piezoelectric crystal operated in resonance at 19 kHz by exploiting acoustic eigenfrequencies of a metal rod. A multiple-reflection setup on a mirror mounted to the sonotrode variably delays a powerful 13-fs light pulse used as a temporal gate in the electro-optic sampling of broadband, phase-stable infrared waves (spectral range 6 μm - 18 μm). In this work, Yannick demonstrated a combination of short scan durations (52 μs) and high intensity dynamic range (1.1×106), unprecedented in this spectral range. Thus, this setup opens up new possibilities in infrared vibrational spectroscopy of dynmical processes or of single particles (e.g., cells) with high throughput.