The AMO-group has now carefully characterized four thin-film e-beam evaporated materials, namely, Ge, YbF3, ZnS, and LaF3. The team also applied appropriate dispersion models, determined optical constants of the materials and estimated stresses. The films exhibit excellent adhesion. It was found, that the thin-film material combination Ge/YbF3 has the greatest potential for the production of broadband dispersive mirrors operating in the mid-infrared spectral range. The group reports about this research in Applied Optics. The paper is on the list of the 15 top-cited papers of the magazine.
Original publication:
Tatiana Amotchkina, Michael Trubetskov, Daniel Hahner, and Vladimir Pervak
"Characterization of e-beam evaporated Ge, YbF3, ZnS, and LaF3thin films for laser-oriented coatings"
Applied Optics 59, 40 (2020)