After an intensive construction period of 6 months, the team from the attoworld research group FRIS (field-resolved infrared spectroscopy) and the CMF Laser Science division completed the infrasampler 1.5 at the start of the new year. "We combine laser development with engineering to develop new instruments for future health monitoring with field-resolved infrared spectroscopy," explains Dr. Alexander Weigel, head of the research group, the approach and motivation. The highly complex, large-scale laser system will be used to measure the molecular fingerprint in the blood samples of the Hungarian H4H study initiated by CMF for the early detection of serious diseases such as cancer. The laser system is to be installed in the CMF laboratories in Szeged. This marks another milestone, as the samples can now be analyzed directly on site in Hungary. But there was still a lot to do before then. Last night, the highly sensitive device was transported from Garching to Szeged. In addition to organizing the transfer and clarifying the entry regulations, the Infrasampler 1.5 had to be dismantled and prepared for transport before it could be assembled by the scientists in Szeged over the next few days.