In the summer of 2021, the “Center for Molecular Fingerprinting“ (CMF), based in Budapest has, with its close collaboration with the BIRD and Lasers4Life team from the LMU, launched a nationwide project in Hungary for the preventive health monitoring. In the course of the "H4H" (Health for Hungary) campaign, 11 medical centers distributed throughout the country have been established so far. Here, test persons of all age groups from the population can donate blood samples for medical research to establish the approach of following person’s health with non-invasive infrared spectroscopic analysis of human blood. To date, more than 1000 volunteers have already joined the project, so that the study can report a considerable influx. The first analysis, involving infrared spectral analysis of more than 500 individuals, has already been performed delivering promising analysis results. Thus, an important milestone has been reached for this ambitious scientific project, which uses innovative laser-based analysis methods in a unique way, the evaluation of which is ensured by complex machine-learning algorithms. Parallel to the various information materials on site, the bilingual website of H4H with all relevant information has now also gone online in January 2022. From its current results the researchers expect a multiplicity of further study participants such that they will be in position to do extensive research on improving the future of health monitoring. To explore more about it, please visit the following websites:,