attosecond metrology for precision illumination, interrogation, and imaging

Research group of Dr. Nicholas Karpowicz

We study the interaction of light and matter by examining the ripples made through the electromagnetic field that charged particles make as they move. In order to make highly-precise, field-resolved, attosecond studies, we are developing new techniques to generate extremely stable, broadband pulses covering the infrared, visible, and ultraviolet, and to directly record their electromagnetic fields with novel techniques.

We are extending these measurements into field-resolved microscopy, yielding superresolution, hyperspectral imaging modalities offering new applications in multiple scientific disciplines.


field-resolved infrared metrology
broadband infrared diagnostics

Using direct sources of powerful, phase-stabile, infrared pulse trains, provided by Cr:ZnS laser oscillators operating at wavelengths beyond 2 µm, we are able to use multiple nonlinear processes to produce highly-reproducible electric field waveforms in a wide variety of spectral ranges. This opens the door to field-resolved spectroscopy and time-resolved studies in many interesting solid-state and molecular systems. We are exploring the implications of these technologies in both basic research and towards applications in biology and medicine.


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