The “Einstein Lectures Dahlem”, hosted by Freie Universität Berlin since 2005 in partnership with several external institutions, are dedicated to the epochal work of Albert Einstein. On November 2nd Ferenc Krausz was honoured to held the 21st Einstein Lectures at Berlin.
In his popular science lecture “Electrons and Light Waves - Together against Cancer”, Ferenc Krausz spoke to an audience of 500 invited scientists about the basic research in the field of attosecond physics that he and his research groups are playing a major role in developing. He also gave exciting and promising insights into the potential applications in regard to early diagnosis of serious diseases using the method of individual “molecular fingerprinting”. Krausz referred to the interested audience that "light is our most sensitive probe for the atomic and molecular world. High-precision measurements of light using attosecond metrology now enable the detection of minute changes in the molecular composition of blood. This new capability paves the way for early detection of cancer and other diseases, meaning that it can potentially save lives."
At the end of his presentation, Krausz also solicited support for the “Science4People” initiative, which he initiated with the worldwide backing of scientists and local aid organizations in war-torn Ukraine, to improve the welfare and education of children and young people living in there in need, a generation, which is supposed to rebuild the country after the war.
The presentation in German language was recorded and can be accessed via the following link: 21st Einstein Lecture: Prof. Dr. Ferenc Krausz | Electrons and Light Waves -Together against Cancer
Learn more about the lecture here: Einstein lecture / Freie Universität Berlin